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Omali is an upcoming alternative music artist from Nigeria. She was going to launch her first EP (consisting of 4 songs) to introduce her to the Nigerian market. She needed branding materials for the event — uniformity across all elements used for the launch. She wanted something bold, classy, minimalist, different and a little bit of fun.

1. EP Name
2. Logo (Ai, SVG, PNG, JPEG and PDF)
3. Album Art
4. T-shirt Graphics and Mockup
5. Lyrics Video

Contract Graphic Designer


Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

We had a brainstorming session to name the EP. The inspiration for the name came from Omali's explanation of why she decided to create that EP. She believes that every human heart is crying out for one thing and one thing only; Love... Now because music is a sound and the human heart's cry is figuratively a sound, we knew the word "Sound" would have to be a part of the name and since she believed every heart wanted one thing, we added "One" to the name... Thus the name "One Sound" was formed. Meaning that the human heart essentially makes One Sound.

The next step was to create the logo. With the information I had about the EP, I created the initial sketches and fleshed out the logo in Illustrator. Because the client wanted a bold minimalist design, I created text-based logos with a bold sharp font which was manipulated to have a strong presence. The logo also had only 2 colour variations to keep it simple. The first logo was approved. 


Next, I researched T-Shirt designs and decided on 2 styles — a regular T-shirt for men, and a T-shirt with some cutouts for women. The logo and other information were then put on the T-shirt. The mockup photos, as well as the T-shirt graphics, were sent to the fashion designer.

Now it was time to design the album art. Omali wanted a little bit of fun and class, so I used the color gold which is a close relative to the fun and vibrant color Yellow as the background and added the relevant text based info in the front of the Album jacket and her photo was used behind. She wanted her album cover a bit different but simple, this was why I switched up the normal layout.

Here are some photos from the event:

Next was the Lyrics Video for her song "Look At Me". Look at me is a story about childhood, growing up, dreams, letting go and getting back in control. Omali wanted this to be a bit more fun and to tell a story that even children would understand. I incorporated a photo of her with some cool (fake) shades on, and several fun elements to tell the story. The concept was "a storybook coming to life"

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