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Hi! I'm
Oluchi Igbokwe

I'm a graphic designer, mum, nature lover, singer-songwriter and a starry-eyed child (on the inside) inspired by nature, people & culture, stars & skies, empathy & connection, life & transformation.

As a young girl, I developed an interest in possibilities and often wanted to "test and see". It always hit different when someone told me they had a problem... My brain immediately kicked into action and all I wanted to do was help find a solution.

You see, I wanted to help people solve problems but I also really loved art and creating. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to tie it together!

In 2010 I learned about this wonderful tool (Photoshop) that could help me create magical worlds and bring all the weirdness in my head to life. I loved and played with my new "toy" for a year but I wasn't really solving any problems for anyone. It was like the rain was falling on only my part of the roof while everyone else got nothing. The picture felt incomplete because I was the only one smiling, so I let it go.

Fast foward to 2014, I was a scared, pregnant and confused, soon to be single mum — my mind was all over the place but, somehow I found courage... Not only to become a mum, but to pursue my passion. Courage to go after everything I thought I'd have to leave behind. That's when I learned about the essense of design. That's when the real magic happened!

Design gave me a creative way to solve problems for people and businesses and still remain true to myself. Often times, I get so immersed in my work that I don't sense mornings turn into afternoons (thankfully my son is at school) #Inserts nervous laughter.

For the past 6 years, I have stood by my clients as they experience joy, satisfaction and relief every time their new brand identity is completed (and they now have a logo and a style that their audience can relate to), or when their simple (or complex) messages are transformed into powerful, relatable, visually appealing, user-centric presentations, EBooks, Social Media Posts or Motion Graphics that increases their audience, keeps the audience connected to their brand, improves relationship/engagement between both parties and (or) increases sales.

And now I would love to do the same with you. Would you like to continue this conversation?


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