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Alfredo is a US-based certified Dietician operating in the health/wellness space. His mission is to provide universal health for the environment, the animals, and the human race through the adoption of a plant-based nutrition lifestyle on a global level.

Alfredo wanted to have a logo that he could use for his website and other marketing materials (some of which I created but I'm not at liberty to share). He hired me to create a logo that was recognizable, simple and relevant.

1. Logo (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary in Ai, SVG, PNG, JPEG and PDF formats)
2. Complimentary Brand Guide
3. Brochure (Confidential, under NDA)
4. EBook (Confidential, under NDA)


Contract Graphic Designer


Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint


Alfredo filled out a questionnaire to help me better understand his brand. I then created initial sketches of the logo. After which the logo was fleshed out in Illustrator. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), wellness has 8 dimensions. As a dietician in the wellness space, Alfredo provides services that cause improvement in the 8 dimensions of wellness. And as such, it was highlighted in the design. His Initials AA were used to create the middle of the logo.

Red: Represents Alfredo's passion to help improve the quality of lives of people.
Gold: Represents comfort and wholeness... The state to which the body is returned to or elevated to by following his guidance. Alfredo's alias is "The lifestyle pill coach". He has helped numerous people improve and, in some cases, reverse some lifestyle-related chronic diseases with lifestyle medicine and a “complete person approach”. That wholeness definitely feels like a million bucks!

After the logo was approved, I then created a Secondary and Tertiary logo from the approved Primary logo. They allow for flexibility of use.

After the logo was completed, I created a complimentary one-page brand guide which included all three logo variations, primary and secondary colors, primary and secondary fonts and a sample font combination use case.
This will ensure that any further designs that are to be made for him will be on-brand.

Alfredo went on to use his new logo on his website and other marketing materials.

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