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Taktical is a data driven digital marketing agency that specializes in paid social advertising, search marketing and lead generation. They had quite the rap sheet and had helped many businesses achieve great success!

However, they wanted to make use of social media ads to create more awareness for the brand. The ads had to be witty, eye-catching and tell a captivating story. Takical contracted me to create these ads (static, motion graphics and short videos).

1. Static Social Media Ads

2. Motion Graphics

Contract Graphic Designer, Copywriter


Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

I worked directly with the founder of Tactical and we communicated over Email, Slack and Instagram — where he briefed me on Taktical. He told me about the kinds of creatives (static, motion graphics and short videos) that the brand needed and sent over video and static image ideas that were to help inform the new design of Taktical's Ads. I was also given creative freedom to research and come up with the copy that would be a good fit for the creatives and help tell a good story.

I looked over the information I was sent and then started my research. I researched Taktical's website, previous messaging, competition, target market and then created some concepts around the copy. I highlighted the information that Taktical really wanted their audience to know and wrote down what the audience would most likely respond to. I then streamlined information into the copy that would be most likely to make the most impact. Having the copy laid out, I created design sketches and storyboards around them.

I then moved to the computer and fleshed out the static image posts and the motion graphics. The content was looked over and adjustments were made where necessary.

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