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Basepaws are pioneers in feline genetics with one larger-than-life goal: to improve the lives of cats around the world by understanding, genetically, what makes each cat unique. Basepaws has a pretty cool brand with beautiful colors that were currently being utilized however, they were short on design hands and the Christmas holidays were fast approaching. We got connected and I was contracted to create some web banners and social media posts for the fast-approaching holidays.

Social Media Ads

Contract Graphic Designer, Copywriter.


Illustrator, Photoshop

At first, I worked with a representative of the company. She told me what kind of ads were needed for the holidays and also provided the copy/text. I went on to research the brand, its competitors, previous creatives and more to figure out what would work best. When I had the necessary information, I designed some Christmas web banners and social media posts.


Basepaws was very happy with how vibrant and on-brand my work asked me to stay on to make more social media posts for the brand. This time I was given more creative freedom over the design and the copy. I was also introduced to the new account manager of the brand and I worked with her to create more fun posts for social! Cats are pretty awesome and there's no reason for their banners no to!

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